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     “Here’s an action-packed drama...  ...Twelve-year-old Luke is a reluctant hero, an America-style Harry Potter with a ”slacker” attitude and guts.  There are portrait paintings that talk, people that morph into animals, and a magical forest that’s home to Dinosaurs and Griffins.  It’s got everything a young sword and sorcery fan could ask for, including some loose ends that will surely require a sequel.”
---Jim Barns: Editor, Independant Publisher Magazine

Colleen Maureen Lewis, Lake Geneva, WI

Being 43 years old, I had not picked up a book to read since I graduated from High School, decades ago.. OK?  Luke’s cover caught my attention while over at a friends house, (whose kid had read the book). I don’t have any kids but I asked to borrow it to read. Why? I don’t know. Something told me I should read this book.  By 2:00 AM I am still reading when I should be sleeping for work the next day.  For a non reader of books, (magazines yes, books, though, I made no time for, with two jobs, night classes and hobbies over the years) I was spellbound after reading the journey Luke and A.J. took me on.  I related to another character in the book and I felt like I was there with them all the while. This book draws you in like a movie does when you watch it on the big screen.  Ever feel like the movie continues even after you’ve left the cinema?  Well, this book continues in your head even after you finished reading it.  I couldn’t think of anything else for weeks after reading this. It stuck with me that long. Not only did I receive a lot of enjoyment in reading this book, I will give credit to the author, A.J. Ensor to be able to lure me back to the love of reading books again. I will say this to non readers and non believers of books and or magic.. this book “ Luke Carter and the Sword of Kings” is truly magical.

Irina B, Age 15, Las Vegas, Nevada

I just finished reading the book and I was absolutely amazed.  When I started reading I couldn’t put the book down, I found myself rushing to eat just so I can get a page in before bed. Throughout the book I built these relationships with these characters, I was going through the good and ugly with Luke and his friends. I was livid with the people who betrayed him and content with the one’s that were by his side. I recommend this book to anyone with an imagination who would love to follow Luke and his friends on this ongoing adventure against the Darkside.

Jenniffer Julich, Ontario, Canada

I read this book as a professional artist with the visual in mind and constantly found myself getting dragged back into the story and the plight of the characters. I say dragged and not pulled because my purpose was to discover the imagery that would represent the book jacket as the illustrator. I could not keep out of the story however and fully enjoyed the experience. I made assumptions through association with characters that were wrong, being lead by a talented author. I laughed at the strength and vulnerability of the woman characters. I cried at Luke's honesty through his growth as an individual from boyhood to young manhood.

What I appreciated most about the story was that though the lead character Luke has lost his parents, he was not abandoned. The adults around him gave him the necessary tools for him to survive in a world that as of yet he had no comprehension. Unlike a other well known character, this book takes us away from a child growing up having to accept a grave situation. Expecting a child to get through it because they are resilient may be acceptable in some cultures. I do not agree, with all the messages around us for children to get help when they are in need. I would want a book to be read by them to reflect that. This book surrounds the lead character with love and even though some of the adults may have their shortcomings their goal is the same, protect Luke. This book has adults coming out of the wood work to help.

Luke has an ability that has been taught to him, to think and respond with his head when there is trouble and not react emotionally. He has a 'stop and think about your next move' mentality, telling kids to consider the consequences is extremely important. Having a strong independent character as a role model for kids is refreshing. Luke also has to deal with his responsibility and has to come to grips with it. He considers what adults around him have chosen and their traits, then adapts what he will and will not keep for his own. It's a true revolution in thinking for this genre. 

The ability of the author to tie in God and legendary characters with ancient myth was done with regard. Anyone from any background, whether science or Christian based, can read this book without being concerned with their beliefs are being attacked. One of the main messages of the book is, hatred grows from fear which is born from ignorance, so I suggest the critics read the book before they critique it.

The ethnic characters are not hollow and 'put' into the book to cover the bases, but it is done with a eye that was invisible to color and culture, just creating the personalities.

At times when I thought a battle was imminent the author solves the issue without violence. Often the book reminds us that self serving goals is not more important than the community. Being rude is unacceptable, friends can come in any package and a family unit is defined by love not only blood.

The book also deals with the age old discussion of lineage verses democracy. They are not always mutually exclusive. A leader whos' lineage holds talent and knowledge can combine with an appointed or elected group that guides them. It is refreshing to see an American book that is not afraid to say that lineage is not to be feared. At times this book (and fooled me into believing) looks like it is going to be an obnoxious American look at the wizarding world, but it takes you on a ride inside of Luke's head and heart and brings you out the other side waiting for the next book.

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