Chapter One
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Do You Believe You Can Act..?

The four lead characters in Luke Carter and the Sword of Kings are:
Luke Carter
Abi Bishop
Katie Gardener
Selwyn Kidney

Each Character is between 11 and 13 years old.  The Movie Script

"Return Of The Darkside"

contains one of the most diverse groups of characters in Cinema history and the largest number of female lead roles since the movie, "Little Women" and we will need actors and actresses for
all of these roles.
Let Hollywood's Producers and Directors see you for themselves. Pick a scene from the book, "Return Of The Darkside;" take out your home video camera and let us see what you can do.  Pick a scene from the book, NOT more than 3 min or 450 words and then link your demo audition video to the Luke Carter web site on UTube:
Send Luke a Message at UTube and let him know you have posted
your video.

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